Media Obligation

Thanks for visiting.  This is my first blog.  Yes I know it’s “just” a address but if there is enough interest I’m going to move it to

I’m just an ordinary American who is sick of the press misrepresenting facts or simply ignoring stories that should be covered.  I will be updating this blog as time permits with pertinent stories and thoughts that will foster awareness and critical thought surrounding current issues and the way they are reported.

The media has an obligation to report all sides of important stories to the American people.  The media is the critical cog connecting the workings of government to the workers of our great nation.

As we struggle to make ends meet, we rely on outside sources to gather and report information critical to our long term viability as a nation.

The media should be the eyes and ears of the people.

Very few of us have the time or resources to delve deep into the political quagmire of our government, so we rely on what bits and pieces of “news” are fed to us through the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, the MSM has become a ghost of the past and is no longer interested in uncovering and reporting the injustices of our government.  Instead of feeding us with healthy information, we have been ordered to “enjoy” a steady di t of predigested gruel, seasoned with parroted talking points and shoveled down our collective throat.  When we question the retched taste left on our pallets we are ridiculed and derided as uneducated paranoid schizophrenics for not following their mantra.

I for one, have had it.



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